US (NV): New native-plant nursery set to build off owner’s inspirations

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A new native-plant nursery in Clark County boasts a broad selection of Northwest plants based on the owner’s inspirations. Nature’s Haven recently opened to the public at the end of April offering a selection of over 150 native plants available for purchase along with current and upcoming demonstration gardens and a large habitat restoration project to visualize how the endemic plants thrive in the foothills north of Camas.

Jennifer Bargar, owner of Nature’s Haven, has lived on the property for 20 years but only recently gained the idea of gardening with local plants after reading Doug Tallamy’s book “Nature’s Best Hope.”

“I was just so motivated to really convert the property to natives,” Bargar said about her thoughts after reading Tallamy’s book. “So I started putting together the nursery and the plants … and then as I had more plants started, I got on social media saying, ‘Hey, if you want plants, I’ve got lots.’ So people started coming out and buying plants as early as last fall. … So, what I thought was just going to be a hobby has turned into a lot more, which is fantastic and wonderful because I want as many native plants out there as possible.”

Nature’s Haven may not be the typical location for a plant nursery, but for those looking to garnish their property with native, thriving plants, the drive may be worthwhile. Located roughly 17 miles from Battle Ground, the nursery sits in the foothills north of Camas, near the Fern Prairie area.


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