US (NE): Johansen Greenhouse and Nursery still growing strong under family’s care in Norfolk

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On Highway 275, 14 storage houses, four acres and a storefront make up Johansen Greenhouse and Nursery. They’re responsible for filling up the flower pots on the streets of Norfolk.

The business is owned by Richard and Rhonda Hoeffer, but Rhonda’s maiden name is Johansen. She has many memories selling sweet corn on the side of the road and planting rows of melons by hand.

“(My dad) had me come out to look at my row, and I thought, ‘Oh no, I did something wrong,’ but no,” Rhonda smiled. “I didn’t have a miss in my row, and he said, ‘You should be doing something with planting.’ So that was kind of neat.’

Rhonda’s parents started the business before her, and her mother, Mardelle Tech, still works at the greenhouse.


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