US (ND): Despite snow storm, plant nurseries keep prepping up

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A late March snowstorm means this year’s gardening season may be pushed back, impacting the operations at plant nurseries.

One of those plant nurseries is Baker Garden and Gift. Over the past month, warmer weather has prompted more customers to come in to buy seeds; however, the recent March snowstorm has caused customer attitudes to shift.

“We sell a lot more seeds when it’s warm, and people get excited about doing things with their house,” said Eric Baker, the owner of Baker Garden and Gift. “If there is snow on the ground or they can’t see grass, they seem to not think about it.”

Baker says the recent snowstorm hasn’t stopped his store from thinking about planting. Despite the weather, their greenhouse production season has started, which can vary by year. “We start the plants at the same time, and even though it may be initially cold now, we kind of have to stay the course because we know eventually it’s gonna warm up,” he said.


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