US (NC): Columbus County farm and garden center react to dry conditions following weeks of little rain

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Blame it on the rain, or the lack thereof. Portions of southeastern North Carolina are being labeled as “abnormally dry.” It’s producing many problems, but the main concern is crops.

AJ Stanaland owns Northwest Land & Cattle in Riegelwood. She said while a lot of her work surrounds cattle farming, she also grows crops. But this year, she said it’s been a challenge.

“I think everybody locally, probably across the state, with this drought is going to be a little bit behind. I think farmers are going to see more of a loss this year than expected and we were already expected to see a huge loss just because of our input costs,” Stanaland said.

Over the past few weeks, there hasn’t been a substantial amount of rain making it difficult for crops to withstand the heat. Stanaland says no rain equals no crops and the impact is being felt countywide.


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