US (MI): NU Gardening Center wins $10,000 from Project 100

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A garden center that will serve as a hub for Northwood University students to create, learn, and grow is the spring semester Project 100 winner.

“We plan to educate Northwood University students and the surrounding community about how gardening can improve your life,” stated Logan Mathews, the mastermind behind the new NU Gardening Center, which will receive $10,000 from Project 100. “We hope to become the peace to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.”

Project 100 is a development initiative intended to put the power in the hands of the donors, explained Northwood Senior Alumni and Engagement Officer Julie Adamczyk. A group of 100 Northwood alumni, employees, and friends gathers once every semester to review three projects from campus groups. The members each donate $100 and then collectively decide which project to fund.

“Logan Mathews worked hard to translate her vision into a project that alumni, current and future students could enjoy,” stated Dr. Christin Greiman, who chairs the management degree program and co-leads the sustainability management program at Northwood University. “As part of the Students For Sustainability (S4S) group, she gathered information and feedback from Liz Henson and Teagan O’Bryan, as well as from Northwood Physical Plant staffers Larry Salva and Tom Pasterz to determine a realistic and actionable plan optimizing the use of the generous Project 100 donations.”

“We are proud of the work this collaborative team put together and can’t wait for everyone to enjoy the end result,” added Dr. Chelsea Butcher, who serves as Northwood’s curriculum lead for sustainability management and co-advised the Project 100 winners with Dr. Greiman.

The NU Gardening Center was created to serve Northwood University by creating a space for students and staff to interact and immerse themselves in nature. The project plans to build a living wall and wildflower garden outside Jordan Hall.

“From our blog-style website and educational seminars to our stunning gardens, we plan to meet all your nature needs,” Mathews noted. “As a part of the Students for Sustainability, we will also explore what it means to be a sustainable business environmentally, economically, and socially. We will strive to expand our community’s knowledge of nature while providing them access to a safe, serene space to grow and learn.”

The NU Garden Center was one of three project finalists in contention for the spring Project 100 funds. The other finalists included a healthy vending service for Bennett Sports Center and a freshman athlete mentor program called Helping Hands.


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