US (IL): Fourth annual Tulip Festival to launch soon at Richardson Farm

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The riot of reds, yellows, purples, whites, apricots and more that is such a welcome harbinger of spring soon will swell across the tulip fields at Richardson Farm.

Planted in the fall across roughly 12 acres of the farm’s westerly fields were 350,000 tulip bulbs in more than two dozen varieties, plus 50,000 daffodil bulbs. Yellow; peach; white; and early-, mid- and late-blooming daffodils are new entrants in this, the fourth year of the Tulip Festival at the Spring Grove farm located at 909 English Prairie Road.

Added to previous years’ plantings, minus the 300,000 bulbs that were tilled up this year from the initial 2020 tulip bulb plantings, the Richardsons once again expect about a million beautiful blooms. While the best guess right now is the fourth week of April, exactly when the fest will open is always weather-dependent.

A certain number of above-40-degree days are needed to bring the flowers into bloom. But when they do…


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