US: How Michigan growers can benefit from electric utility rebates and incentives

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In Michigan, growers can access various incentive awards from electric utilities when they undertake energy-efficient construction projects (new construction or renovation) at their farms or greenhouses. These incentive programs encourage the adoption of energy-efficient practices and technologies. This can lead to significant energy savings and reduced environmental impact.

Michigan growers are teaming with Hort Americas to understand and secure these electric utility program incentive awards to advance their energy-efficient expansion and upgrade solutions. By upgrading to more energy-efficient lighting products, farmers and growers can save on electricity costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Michigan’s larger electric utility rebate programs (Consumers Energy, DTE Electric, Indiana Michigan Power, Upper Peninsula Power, Alpena Power, Xcel/Northern States Power) are surrounded by over 50 other smaller electric municipal and cooperative utilities, many with and others without rebate program offerings. For growers, the Hort Americas team identifies all eligible rebate program measures — lighting, HVAC, controls, heat curtains, whole building repurposing analysis and more — to maximize incentive awards.

Hort Americas lighting and control solutions are on the Design Lights Consortium® (DLC), Hort Category Qualified Products (QPL) list. DLC sets quality product guidelines, required by most utility incentive programs, to participate and qualify for award dollars. The QPL list represents verified and tested products that meet minimum efficiency standards.

One Hort Americas lighting solution in Michigan presented a grower with over $200,000 in incentive awards using our Verjure Arize L2000 2-bar lighting solution. This incentive award reduced total material purchase cost by more than 70%.

Lighting controls can often deliver additional incentive award dollars based on per watts controlled. Depending on the Michigan utility program, eligibility criteria assumes lighting is connected to an environmental control system/light control module/light sensor/weather station.

Hort Americas states it can also help with future power needs by evaluating new power costs and coordinating with utilities to optimize delivery and grow season impact..

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