US: Fifth Annual Women in Horticulture Week

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May 26 – June 1

Yesterday, the Fifth Annual Women in Horticulture Week started to highlight the women that work in the horticulture industry, including those working in the floriculture sector.

Spring Meadow puts their Micropropagation Plant Breeding Technician Julie Crone in the spotlight on LinkedIn saying: “It’s womeninhort week! Let’s celebrate all the hardworking women in the industry! Julie Crone works here at Spring Meadow as our Micropropagation Plant Breeding Technician.

Photo credits: Spring Meadow Nursery

According to Spring Meadow, Julie says: “My favorite part of working in the horticulture industry is the innovation. New technologies are constantly being invented that allow us to grow plants better: hardier plants that require fewer pesticides and less water; sterile plants that flower abundantly but non-invasively; unique plants that are the result of intergenic crosses, embryo-rescuing, and other next-generation breeding techniques.

I’m proud to be part of an industry where the sky’s the limit and phrases like “agrobacterium-mediated plant transformation” are commonplace. Who would have thought I’d be working in an era where bio-luminescent petunias and purple tomatoes are actually things consumers can buy! Plant genetics are amazing, and I can’t wait to see what we all come up with next.”

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