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Patio Tropics is one of the fastest growing categories for English Gardens, which operates six garden center locations in the metro Detroit area. In addition to fragrant plants like jasmine and gardenia, this category includes hibiscus, mandevilla, and dipladenia. Mandevillas have been especially hot, drawing customers back to purchase year after year.

Merchandising Manager Meg Gallagher

“Mandevilla is one of the few plants that gets better and better through the summer, as other plants look worse,” says Merchandising Manager Meg Gallagher, who is focused on indoor plants, pottery and tropicals. “We’re seeing a lot of demand every year. People are asking for it, calling the store, looking for it. They see the value – how long it lasts and stays in flower.”

Gazebo tropical vignette and Sun Parasol Giant Peach Sunrise

This was Suntory Flowers’ first year joining English Gardens for its spring kickoff Garden Party, April 6th and 7th. Meg secured hot new Sun Parasol plants to create tropical vignettes at the stores. In addition to the new Giant Peach Sunrise, this was the first time employees got to see FiredUp™ Orange, their introduction for next year.

Hoop houses protect the Mandevilla inventory.

Suntory Flowers helps English Gardens customers dream about mandevilla all year round by featuring Sun Parasol in its calendar. About 30,000 copies are distributed at the garden centers heading into Christmas. They also promote Princettia for December.

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