US (CA): Sun Valley brought 80,000 to San Francisco’s Union Square

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Last Saturday, Sun Valley Floral Farms partnered with the City of San Francisco to bring 80,000 tulips to Union Square in San Francisco (USA, California). “These events remind folks like you and me who have spent a long time in the industry just how lucky we are to work with flowers. Somewhere around 35,000 people came to experience the tulip garden, it was truly amazing to see all the smiles on people’s faces”, says Lane DeVries,

DeVries in the greenhouse

“I was once asked by a reporter what is my favorite thing about flowers, and replied: I have never seen a person receive flowers, and not be happy.”

DeVries during Tulip Day, held on March 9.

This thought still rings true today, he says. “As the world gets more complicated with AI and algorithms serving up the content we consume and affecting virtually all aspects of our society, I can’t help but think that flowers are the antithesis of AI. They are naturally intelligent and already so perfect; they don’t need to be improved. We are blessed to be surrounded by them.”

The first edition of American Tulip Day took place in 2018, and in 2021, when the event was canceled due to the pandemic, they gave away 25,000 tulips to women on the front lines, doctors, nurses, etc.

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