US: Brooklyn Botanic Garden battling high-rise proposal that would cast shadow over greenhouses

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Critics are throwing shade on a proposed high-rise apartment building that would cast shadows across the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, depriving treasured exotic plants of much-needed sunshine if the plan goes ahead.

“It’s not about saying we don’t want to lose a little sunlight,” Brooklyn Botanic Garden president Adrian Benepe told The Post.

“For plants from the equator, plants that need a full day of sunlight, that’s a big loss,” he said, adding that the project would have an “existential impact on the garden.”

The project, headed by the development company Continuum, calls for a 14-story residential high rise at 970 Franklin Ave. in Crown Heights — just across the street from the Botanic Garden’s greenhouses for tropical, desert and Mediterranean plants that thrive on sunlight.


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