Uralchem completes a project to increase phosphorus content in its fertilizers

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The KCKK branch of Uralchem successfully implemented a technical improvement to add orthophosphoric acid to a nitrogen-phosphorus solution in the complex fertiliser production process. The RUB 60 mln project seeks to enable Uralchem to enter new sales markets by expanding the product range with the NPK grades that have a higher content of water-soluble phosphorus.

The plant extracts phosphates from apatite by decomposing it with nitric acid. This traditional process leaves a certain amount of insoluble residue. The addition of orthophosphoric acid improves the efficiency of the process by increasing the content of water-soluble phosphorus in the final NPK product.

The project included an upgrade of orthophosphoric acid receiving and feeding stations, as well as installation of additional piping. It is worth noting that the new equipment was installed without stopping the main production process.

Mikhail Krupnov, chief process engineer for mineral fertilizers at Uralchem’s KCKK branch: What makes this project important is that it enables us to unlock new sales markets and improve the economic efficiency of the whole plant.”

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