Unveiling Vascular Streak Dieback: Insights, Surveys, and Solutions

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Webinar, April 11, 10am-12pm Eastern:

This free webinar dives into the emerging nursery problem of Vascular Streak Dieback (VSD). In this session, experts will provide a comprehensive overview, sharing insights gleaned from surveys, research updates, and practical management strategies. From understanding the timeline of recognition to discussing the fungus associated with VSD, its range of hosts, and symptoms, our speakers will cover it all. Delve into the latest research findings on identifying causal agents, fungicide efficacy trials, and cultivar screening. Whether you’re a nursery owner, researcher, or simply interested in plant health, this webinar offers valuable knowledge and a platform for addressing your queries. Join us as we tackle VSD head-on and explore effective management approaches to safeguard woody ornamentals.

This webinar will cover these areas:

VSD: Introduction to an Emerging Nursery Problem

10-10:15am: Mike Muster
Discover the timeline of VSD in North America, the fungus associated with VSD, the range of plant hosts on which it has been found, internal and external symptoms, and look-alike diseases.

VSD of Woody Ornamentals in Virginia

10:15-10:30am: Devin Bily
The presentation will discuss the results of the two-year survey conducted by VDACS, and symptoms associated with plants that tested positive for C. theobromae.

Multi-State VSD Survey

10:30-10:45am: Katy Kilbourne
The Tennessee Department of Agriculture has partnered with several states for a cooperative VSD nursery and environs survey. Identification of this pest within the plant trade assists with keeping populations geographically confined and determining population density and host range.

Break (10:45-11am)

VSD Research Update

11-11:40am: Fulya Baysal-Gurel

VSD is an emerging is an emerging threat to the woody ornamental industry. This session addresses the research updates regarding identification of the causal agent/s of the VSD, fungicide efficacy trials and redbud cultivar screening. Finally, best management practices for VSD will be discussed.

Following the presentations, we’ll have time for Q&A with webinar participants.

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