United Selections Unveils New Rose Varieties During IFTEX Week

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United Selections, a leader in rose breeding, showcased its latest rose varieties at IFTEX 2024. The event provided a platform for the company to connect with stakeholders across the floriculture industry. Here’s a first-hand report.

Proud to Be at IFTEX

“We were thrilled to participate in this year’s IFTEX 2024 as a rose breeder,” said Jelle Posthumus, CEO of United Selections. “This event connects all stakeholders in the floriculture industry. As a breeder, we are proud to present to you our many varieties, and at the same occasion highlight our partners in equal measure.”

Over the years IFTEX has become an event not just for Kenya, but for the world. Every early June the industry’s spotlight is on Nairobi, this year was for the 11th time. As a breeder, you simply cannot afford not to be there showcasing your assortment, because next to the necessary networking, all major growers are on a quest for novelties.


United Selections has partnered up with chrysant breeder Icon Selections and Könst Alstroemeria


Posthumus adds: “IFTEX 2024 was a pivotal event for our breeding company, offering unparalleled exposure and learning opportunities. We extend our gratitude to the organizers and all participants for making this event a resounding success.”

Following IFTEX, United Selections focused on selecting new rose varieties developed and tested by their R&D team. This effort aligns with their mission to “Breed a Colourful Future,” reflecting their commitment to excellence in rose breeding.


Jelle Posthunus United Selections quote IFTEX 2024


United Selections Jelle Posthumus at IFTEX 2024
From the left: Christopher Kulei (Director of Sian Flowers), Jelle Posthumus (holding Spray Rose Champagne Blossoms), and Elvis Musyoka (Sales Manager) and spray rose corner at IFTEX 2024


Innovations in Rose Breeding

The newly introduced rose varieties are designed to bring more beauty, joy, and elegance to the market. These roses offer practical benefits such as disease resistance, strong transportability (particularly for sea freight), and high yields. These traits are essential for florists and floral businesses seeking reliable, beautiful roses that can withstand distribution challenges.

United Selections prides itself on leading in premium rose breeding, continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in floriculture. Their dedication ensures that each new rose variety meets and often exceeds industry expectations.


United Selections IFTEX three novelties on Thursd
Three novelties presented at IFTEX 2024


Highlights of the New Rose Varieties

The new rose varieties introduced at IFTEX 2024 combine aesthetic appeal with practical traits valued by florists. Key features include:

  • Enhanced Disease Resistance: Bred to withstand common diseases, these roses ensure healthier plants and reduce the need for chemical treatments, supporting sustainable floral practices.
  • Strong Transportability: Designed for global shipping, these roses can endure long journeys, especially via sea freight, making them a reliable choice for international florists.
  • High-Yielding Varieties: These roses promise higher yields, providing a better return on investment for growers and sellers.

These focal points make United Selections a trusted name in the floriculture industry on which growers rely for top yield and quality.


United Selections Nakuru Showhouse 2024
Roses Premium Class, Rise & Shine, and Nova Vita at the Nakuru Showhouse


Looking Ahead

United Selections remains focused on innovation, quality, and sustainability in rose breeding. Their new varieties are set to make a significant impact, offering florists and floral businesses access to some of the best roses on the market — a perfect blend of elegance and practicality.

The success at IFTEX 2024 marks the beginning of more exciting developments from United Selections. Their ongoing efforts in rose breeding aim to bring more beauty and reliability to the floral industry, ensuring a vibrant and colorful future.


United Selections IFTEX rose box on Thursd


Jelle Posthumus concludes:

“United Selections leads the way in premium rose breeding, always pushing the limits of what’s possible in floriculture. Our dedication to quality ensures we offer roses that are a true testament to the art and science of modern breeding.”

Stay tuned for more updates as United Selections continues to revolutionize the world of roses.


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