UK: Why Universal Credit migration could threaten farming finances

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The migration from Working Tax Credits to Universal Credit has left some farming families concerned over the potential loss of this vital safety net. NFU Head of Taxation Michael Parker reports.

The NFU has previously pressed the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) to resolve problems with the UC (Universal Credit) regime that threatens to leave significant holes in the finances of some farming families.

Increasing feedback from NFU members suggests some self-employed claimants in the sector are falling through gaps in what is supposed to be a vital safety net, because there is little in the new system to account for the seasonal nature of farm business income.

They are among the last to switch to UC – the one-stop shop replacement for a range of benefits – and the DWP hopes to complete their migration by the end of the year. But as the migration picks up pace, so have reports of problems.


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