UK: The HTA presents on cross-border trade and peat-policy at European meeting

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Representing the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA), Guy Massey of Joseph Rochfords Gardens Limited and Jennifer Pheasey, HTA’s Director of Public Affairs, were invited to present on issues of interest to European supply chains at the European Nurserystock Association (ENA) Summer meeting in Budapest.

The program of meetings and visits commenced on Tuesday, 25 June, with delegates from across Europe. It included a presentation from the HTA on the value of the UK horticultural sector market, recent developments on at-border checks, and the UK’s progress and challenges in the transition to peat-free.

Jennifer Pheasey, Director of Public Affairs, HTA, commented:
“Importing over £753 million worth of plants and plant materials, with the majority from the EU, having the opportunity to present to sister associations on cross-border trade issues is critical to hear their experience, take questions and further dialogue on costs and mitigating actions. Like many of our members, we value our international contacts and are keen to share our ambition that the UK seeks an SPS or Plant Health Agreement with the EU. This is the top ask in the HTA’s Environmental Horticulture Manifesto and will require international support. Collaboration is key, given our volume of imports; this includes the need to engage on the challenges and progress to peat-free. Whilst the growth of the UK industry remains our priority, in recent months, we have been working ever closer with other national, regional and international associations on shared issues and look forward to continuing to build ever-closer ties.”

Guy Massey, Production Manager, Joseph Rochford Gardens Limited, added:
“As the HTA’s nominated representative for ENA, the ability to represent the industry, see best-practice and participate in an international exchange of experiences and advice is invaluable. The interest in the UK, as a significant market and international horticulture sector, cannot be underestimated. I am committed to increasing our work together and growing Europe-wide learnings on green city initiatives, attracting skilled workforces and engaging with young people, which are common challenges across many countries. I thank the ENA team for their excellent meetings and events program.”

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