UK: “Revolutionising floristry with personalised subscription services”

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In an exciting development for the floriculture industry, BloomScribe introduces a new approach to flower gifting and subscription. “This innovative platform promises to transform how we commemorate life’s most important moments, offering a seamless, year-on-year flower delivery service that ensures no special occasion is ever forgotten.:

How it works
BloomScribe’s user-friendly website allows customers to set up a floral subscription with a unique twist, the company explains. “Simply input an important date for an important person, and BloomScribe takes care of the rest, automatically posting a bespoke bouquet of flowers year on year. This innovative service ensures that whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any significant milestone, your loved ones will receive a beautiful reminder of your thoughts and wishes, crafted by skilled local florists.”

Encouraging local florists to join the network
BloomScribe is more than just a subscription service; “it’s a community of flower enthusiasts and professionals dedicated to celebrating the beauty and sentiment of flowers.” The company is actively encouraging local florists in Coventry, London, Birmingham, and across the UK to join their network. “This collaboration not only provides florists with an additional avenue for business growth but also ensures that each bouquet is fresh, locally sourced, and uniquely tailored to the recipient’s preferences.”

Why choose BloomScribe?
According to the company, there are there main reasons why someone should choose for BloomScribe. “Firs of all, personalised floral subscriptions: Never miss an important occasion again with automatic, year-on-year delivery of beautifully designed bouquets. Secondly, support local florists: Each order is fulfilled by local professionals, ensuring quality and contributing to the local economy. And finally, sustainable and thoughtful gifting: BloomScribe’s approach promotes sustainability through local sourcing and reduces the carbon footprint associated with flower delivery.”

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