UK: Peony farms sits in the Hills of Chillicothe

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This time of year many people buy their mothers, or other loved ones, flowers to show their love and appreciation. Or maybe you are just buying them to make your house look pretty, but did you ever think of where these thousands of flowers come from? For some the peonies on their table come from the Great Seal Peony Farm in Ross County.

The Great Seal Peony Farm was started 20 years ago when Owner Mike Miller decided to purchase a farm for him to use. Spending years as a realtor, Miller would often move from house to house fixing up the yard and planting flowers and fruit trees only to move on to the next project before he could enjoy them.

On his farm, he started with two peony plants he originally dug up from his grandparent’s old house. While he had always had a green thumb Miller said at that point he knew very little about the flower. Not too long after he was attending peony festivals and conventions with friends learning more about the plant and its varieties. His two little plants quickly grew into him buying 100 plants one year 200 the next and so on till he eventually reached the over 6,000 plants and 1,000 varieties he has now.

“It started out as a hobby,” said Miller who originally planned to use the farm as a retirement project, instead he now has his normal full-time job and the farm to care for.


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