UK nursery puts up seven entries for the HTA National Plant Show’s New Plant Awards

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Wyevale Nurseries has entered seven varieties for the New Plant Awards at the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) National Plant Show at NAEC Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire on June 19 and 20 (2024).

They include two new Heucheras ‘Pinky Panky’ and ‘Snowy Panky’, two Philadelphus ‘Petite Perfume White’ and ‘Petite Perfume Pink’, Salvia ‘Golden Rosiene’, Sorbaria ‘Crimson Feathers’ and Mahonia ‘Meteor’.

Andy Johnson, Managing Director at Wyevale Nurseries

Andy Johnson, Managing Director at the Hereford-based commercial grower, says: “We’re so thrilled to have a stand once again this year and to be putting forward these seven exciting new plants to be judged at the show. It’s a vital, not to be missed, event in our diaries.

Our 2024 entries have been selected to mirror some of the trends our retail customers are seeing instore. They are all beneficial for wildlife and some of them are ideal for those with smaller green spaces who want something stunning in a pot that’s easy to care for. We’ve also chosen entries that can survive some of the changes in weather patterns we’re now experiencing and we’re really excited to see what the judges think of our selection too.

Our knowledgeable, highly skilled and experienced team of professionals, including our Retail Sales Manager, Colin Stanley, our Garden Centre Sales Executive, Lisa Ashford and our Production Manager, Kyle Ross, will be there in Hall 1 at stand 41/50 and are really looking forward to chatting with everyone about our entries and all the plants we offer. We still find our customers, old and new, want to meet us at events likes these. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with our colleagues from the industry too.

We’re handing out our new full colour, printed 2025 catalogue at the show as well. It features some great new additions for retailers to consider for next year.”

The HTA National Plant Show takes place on Wednesday, June 19 and Thursday, June 20 in Halls 1 & 2 at NAEC Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire.

Andy adds: “The HTA National Plant Show is viewed in the industry as THE place for garden centres and retailers to find their next bestselling new plant – something that will fit the needs of their customers and that inspires them too.

The New Plant Awards showcase the very best introductions from UK plant suppliers and it’s great to involved with our entries. We’ve been fortunate in recent years to have been very successful at the show and are excited to see how we fair this year too. Fingers crossed!”

Wyevale Nurseries’ seven new plant entries at the 2024 HTA National Plant Show are:

Heuchera ‘Pinky Panky’
“Part of a new collection to take the Heuchera world by storm, just look at the foliage.Splashes of colour across evergreen foliage, perfect in containers, or planted up in a mixed border, with its wildlife attracting properties, what’s not to love.

Rare and unusual, Heuchera Pinky Panky has truly unique foliage, boasting shocking pink splashes on leaves of smoke grey. These herbaceous perennials flower pink from March to June. The dainty flowers proving to be a magnet for bees in the summer.

A perfect potted plant for a patio or planted en masse in a border, or as part of a mixed borders, especially those with partial sun and some shade, this variety will grow to a height of 30cm and spreads to 25cm.

Their masses of unique evergreen leaves provide a low maintenance space filler.

The whole collection of Panky Heuchera are absolute standouts in the garden, the unique foliage is unlike most other Heucheras. Gardeners will love the wildlife benefits presented by Pinky Panky, as well as its drought tolerance. It’s suitable for planting in any soil type and is fast-growing.”

Heuchera ‘Pinky Panky’

Heuchera ‘Snowy Panky’
” A brand new Heuchera as part of a larger collection and akin to its sibling Pinky Panky, Snowy Panky has beautiful and unique foliage. This variety is sure to be the talk of the garden.

This fast-growing Heuchera variety can be potted into a shaded environment and has no special watering requirements.

The Panky collection of Heuchera are absolute standouts in the garden, the unique foliage is unlike most other Heucheras.

Gardeners will love the wildlife benefits presented by this variety, as well as its drought tolerance. Snowy Panky is suitable for planting in any soil type and their masses of unique evergreen leaves provide a low maintenance space filler.

The flower spikes attract both bees and butterflies while its dense foliage provides shade and shelter for the plethora of insects that flourish on the damp soil beneath.

These perennials are perfect for planting in pots or in mixed borders, especially those with partial sun and some shade.

Sister to the beautiful Pinky Panky, with splashes of colour across evergreen foliage, this perennial is perfect in containers, or planted up in a mixed border, and is sure to be a star in the garden.

Heuchera ‘Snowy Panky’

Philadelphus ‘Petite Perfume Pink’
” Bred by the legendary Alan Postil at Hillier, this is the world’s most pink flowered Philadelphus!

Grown for fragrant flowers, this shrub has a lengthy six-week flowering window and produces masses of flowers throughout summer, attracting bees and butterflies.

Being hardy down to -25c and almost indestructible, makes this an extremely robust variety to have in the garden.

A compact, mound forming shrub, the Philadelphus ‘Petite Perfume Pink’ is very versatile. It is perfect for a smaller garden and can also be used in woodland borders or as a screen. It prefers a sunny to partial shade spot and can grow up to 1.5m tall in time, with a spread of 50cm.

When planted in pots or in borders, this variety can create an incredibly scented garden.

Its dwarf size means Petite Perfume Pink is easy to look after and responds well to pruning due to its naturally mound forming habit and it is incredibly drought tolerant, so regular watering is not required.

It is an incredibly manageable shrub, requiring very minimal attention and is the ideal plant for urban or coastal areas due to its high tolerance to air pollution.

When paired with the Philadelphus ‘Petite Perfume White’ consumers can have scented white and pink flowers all summer long.”

Philadelphus ‘Petite Perfume Pink’

Philadelphus ‘Petite Perfume White’
” Bred by the legendary Alan Postil at Hillier, this Philadelphus Petite Perfume White makes a fantastic addition to any garden. With masses of highly scented white blooms and an overall hardy nature, this shrub combines beauty and versatility for even the smallest of gardens.

Grown for its fragrant summer flowers, Petite Perfume White has a long six-week flowering window. Its petite nature and hardiness mean that this shrub is almost indestructible.

These Philadelphus prefer a spot in partial sun, growing to approximately 1.5m tall over time, with a spread of 50cm. Planted in pots or amongst borders in well-drained soil enables these plants to distribute a wonderful fragrance, and suit even the smallest of gardens.

Similarly to its sibling Petite Perfume Pink, this Philadelphus produces masses of flowers throughout summer attracting bees and butterflies, making it a perfect addition to wildlife friendly gardens.

Its small size and hardy nature mean that Petite Perfume White is easily manageable, and due to its drought resistance, regular watering is not required.

Planting both varieties of this Philadelphus will enable consumers to have both white and pink flowers all summer long.

The hardy nature of this shrub makes it ideal for planting in urban or coastal areas. With high tolerance to air pollution and natural drought resistance, Petite Perfume White can also look fantastic in woodland borders or as a screen.”

Philadelphus ‘Petite Perfume White’

Salvia ‘Golden Rosiene’
” A wonderful new introduction to the Salvia family, this striking hardy perennial is a magnet for wildlife and is sure to turn heads.

Boasting a truly unique colour pattern of magenta flowers on golden foliage, could this be the plant for you?

Reaching a maximum height of 40cm, this plant is ideal to grow in pots or as part of a mixed border. Enjoying a partly sunny position, with good well-drained soil, Salvia Golden Rosiene is sure to add a plethora of interest to the garden.

A bold statement plant to add interest to the garden. Planted up in containers around the garden or in an herbaceous border this plant will attract wildlife and excitement to the garden.

Although an easy plant to care for, Salvia Golden Rosiene does not like sitting in water, so soil needs to be free draining and preferably located in sun or partial shade.

Available through a ‘growing’ partnership between Seiont Nurseries and Wyevale Nurseries, Salvia Golden Rosiene is the latest in a long line of collaborations between the North Welsh young plant supplier and the Herefordshire grower.”

Salvia ‘Golden Rosiene’

Sorbaria ‘Crimson Feathers’
” A truly phenomenal addition to the Sorbaria family, Crimson Feathers is a beautiful, hardy shrub that boasts bright golden leaves with intense new scarlet-red growth; it is truly a sight to behold.

Sporting white blooms in July, this shrub looks superb in a pot and will grow approximately 1.5m tall and have a 1.5m spread. Preferring a full sun or partial shade spot, they are a show stopping addition to any garden.

This fantastic shrub is more condensed than its cousin Sorbaria Sem, meaning it grows very well in a pot.

Sorbaria Crimson Feathers is an amazing wildlife plant with its fan like leaves providing essential cover for invertebrates. Perfect for potting, borders or planting as a low hedge, this shrub is both beautiful and versatile.

Being hardy and low maintenance makes it perfect for a Japanese garden or as a potted specimen.

Best results will see Crimson Feathers grown in well-drained soil and little to no pruning is required to keep it looking its best.

Another Seiont/Wyevale Nurseries collaboration.”

Sorbaria ‘Crimson Feathers’

Mahonia ‘Meteor’
” Mahonia eurybracteata ‘Meteor’ is an upright, evergreen, compact shrub, which forms a tidy, rounded bush, with dark green leaves.

Meteor flowers for two months and offers year-round interest in the garden.

New growth in spring and summer is a stunning dark red, making way for plenty of delicate spires of yellow, honey-scented flowers borne in late summer and autumn, followed by blue-black berries.

The new red foliage, unique to this variety, gives a unique selling point for this new shrub and is almost reminiscent of a Nandina. Additionally, the typically hard and sharp leaves of a Mahonia are noticeably softer on this variety.

It’s a highly resistant shrub, which is fully hardy to temperatures as low as -15c. Meteor is also a fast-growing shrub, which has shown to be resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Flowering in late summer with plenty of attraction for wildlife, this shrub can be planted in borders or containers. Reaching a maximum height of 1.2m, and a spread of 2m, it is perfect for a small shady garden.

This shrub is very self-sufficient and can be left to its own devices to grow. It is a good strong grower and has sales potential for both spring and autumn.

Minimal pruning and care are required to keep this shrub looking its best. Suitable for either container growing, or borders, this shrub thrives in good well drained soil.

This plant is a special horticultural collaboration between two of the UK’s most established plant nurseries. It’s been bred by Alan Postill at Hillier with Wyevale Nurseries chosen to grow it for the general garden centre market.”

Mahonia ‘Meteor’

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