Two Brides and Two Bouquets

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In a place where no one expected, two different girls, two different silhouettes, each with her own charm. Two different personalities. So different that they attract each other. And because they are so different, I created for them two bouquets alike, yet different, matching in colors and size with each of them. 

Two Brides – Two Bouquets

For bride Miky’s bouquet — this lady so sensual and voluptuous — who loves shades of purple, lilac, cherry, and pink, a palette that suits her so well, I started with a navy blue structure which I paired with purple vanda orchids, burgundy Ranunculus, light viola lisianthus wonder, pink Phalaenopsis, in a dramatic color combination, fitting her nature. The handmade earrings crafted from decorative wire and adorned with the same fresh flowers made the bride Miky even more beautifully showcased. 


Wedding Flowers for Miky
Photo: Lenscapades 
Two Brides With Matching Flowers by Laura Draghici
Chris and Miky
Photo: Lenscapades 


For bride Chris’s bouquet — the lady is more androgynous, yet so delicate and refined — on the same structured shape, but slightly smaller, suitable for her silhouette, in a warm beige color, I added fresh flowers in softer tones — yellow Phalaenopsis, garden roses in peachy yellow, delicate light green viburnum, white phalaenopsis, and delicate white Nigella. The handmade earrings and the ring decorated with yellow orchids perfected bride Chris’s delicate allure and delighted her to the fullest. 


Wedding Flowers Yellow for Chris Photo Lenscapades 
Wedding Flowers for Chris
Photo: Lenscapades 
Yellow Tones of Flowers for Wedding Two Brides
Wedding Flowers 
Photo: Lenscapades 


A Match Made in Heaven

The two girls wore classic wedding dresses, but Chris also had a more masculine outfit, which, to highlight her femininity, I decorated with a handmade belt of decorative silver wire adorned with fresh flowers in the colors of Miky’s bouquet, chosen by her heart. This way, I matched them and let them play and express their affection in front of the camera, being happy to be surrounded by fresh flower bouquets and jewelry specially created for them. Love is beautiful, and it’s even more beautiful when expressed with the help of flowers.



They loved how I created the bouquets and accessories for each of them, reflecting each one’s personality and style. It’s amazing how details like these can emphasize and accentuate the beauty and individuality of everyone.


Laura Draghici Two Brides with two bouquets
Miky With Purple Tones of Flowers and Chris With Yellow Tones of Flowers
Photo: Lenscapades 


Floral designer: Laura Draghici Emc / Chic Fleuriste, Bride Miky: Mihaela Elena Petcu, Bride Chris: Cristina Alexandra Mihalache, Makeup: Ioana Mateescu Make-up, Hairdresser: Corina Musat, Photography: Lenscapades, Dresses & accessories: Alexandra Catrangiu, Styling support: Veronica Constantinescu/ Ideea Concept, Flowers: Flori Holland Romania.


Floral Jewelry in Yellow and Purple
Floral Jewelry by Laura Draghici 
Photo: Lenscapades 
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