Turn Up Your Summer Vibes With Chrysanthemum Chic

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What time is it? Time for some hot summer fun soaked with sun, fun adventures, and of course, flowers because they flourish the brightest during the summer. Summer begins with the solstice on Thursday, June 20, 2024, marking the astronomical first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Welcome the solstice with a dose of Chic chrysanthemums by Royal Van Zanten.

Chrysanthemum Chic by Royal Van Zanten Is Always a Good Idea for the Summer Season

As the golden sun reaches its final time during the day and the earth warms during the summer season, flowers are seen all around adorning everyone’s favorite spots at home. Pure white flowers have a way of uplifting any corner, and Chrysanthemum Chic does this just the right way.


Chrysanthemum Chic


Chrysanthemum Chic paired with a bright orange mum

White Chrysanthemum Chic paired with a bright Gerbera to give contrast and summer vibes


To lighten up the summer season, this flower’s white color allows you to create a balance and harmony that go best with your decorations and overall aesthetic to create the summer flower decoration you’ve been yearning for… because yes, summer is indeed the season many people around the world wait for! Accentuating your indoor spaces has never been easier and more beautiful than with these cuties, so, mark your calendars and make sure white chrysanths are included.


White chrysanthemum Chic by Royal Van Zanten
The perfect summer center table using Chrysanthemum Chic


White mums in an orange vase


An Indoor Floral Summer Party

Meet your summer loves!

The Chrysanthemum Chic by Royal Van Zanten is a well-matched white flower, formed perfectly to celebrate the long, sun-drenched days of summer with a splash of freshness. When it comes to summer decorations in indoor spaces, white is always a color that looks good and refreshing while being a tone that easily combines with bright flowers as well. Another fun idea to turn up the summer vibes even more while creating contrast is to place your white mums in colorful vases.


A summery decoration using Chrysanthemum Chic


Chrysanthemum Chic in design with a wall painting


Irradiating light and brightness, these white flowers do bring a touch of sunshine into every corner even though they are not yellow or orange. If you have a white and neutral decoration style at home, these chrysanthemums will be the perfect complement to create a harmonious palette and aesthetic at home. They can be placed anywhere, literally! In your kitchen table, as a center table, in your living room to welcome your summer guests, and even in more creative ways such as in bathroom vases and baskets. A handful of white chrysanths will always look elegant and will combine perfectly with a neutral palette.


White chrysanthemum Chic placed in colorful vases


Chrysanthemum Chic decorating a neutral kitchen

Chrysanthemum Chic decorating and giving a ‘fresh’ look to a kitchen in gray tones


As you revel in the longest days of the year, it’s the moment to slide into summer with these special flowers that always have a way of getting into everyone’s hearts! Their simplicity and color make them a must-have for the hottest season of the year while causing a good summery floral impact.


Chrysanthemum Chic with peach Anthuriums


Closeup of Chrysanthemum Chic


Photos courtesy of Royal Van Zanten.


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