Turkish flowers participated in Union Fleurs meeting

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Ornamental Plants and Products Exporters Union participated to the Union Fleurs – International Flower Trade Association Meeting held in Brussels, Belgium on 27-29th June, 2024. Turkish Association was represented by Mr. İsmail YILMAZ, Chairman of the Board and Chief Gülşen BAY. 18 delegates from 12 member countries attended the meeting.

Activities, membership, new strategies regarding the sector and annual activity report were main topics at the meeting. Presentations were made by the country representatives at the meeting about sectoral developments. A general evaluation of ornamental flowers sector throughout the world was made.

The meeting also included presentations about European Union legal regulations, MPS certifications and current sectoral developments. On June 28, 2024, the facilities of the Brussels Cargo company, which operates in flower cargo, and some wholesalers were visited.

Source: susbitkileri.org.tr

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