Turkey’s ornamental plant production area nearly tripled in the recent years and reached 5900 hectares

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Turkey Minister of Agriculture Ibrahim Yumakli visited plant growers cooperative in Bayindir district of Izmir which is an important production region for ornamental plants and spoke highly of the growth of the ornamental plant industry in recent years. Minister Yumakli: “The ornamental plants production area in Turkey, which was 1900 hectares recently, increased 3 times to 5900 hectares. This is another indicator of how high the potential is in this field. There is an area of ​​approximately 80,000 hectares for greenhouse production in Turkey. Therefore, to fulfill this potential and make plans for its development, the Regulation on the Registration of Crop Production in Indoor Areas, published last night, came into effect. According to this regulation, we will identify and record all greenhouse production according to their geographical location. Greenhouse production is truly an extremely important production method in terms of its development and potential in our country. We are ranked fourth in the world. We are in second place in Europe. At this point, research and development studies will be one of our most important areas of work in the coming period, especially in ornamental plants in terms of seeds.”

Source: AA

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