Turkey: Rose grower producer grows 1.5 million flowers annually thanks to grant

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Hanife Aydin (49), a mother of 3, living in Samsun, will invest 3 million 400 thousand TL with the grant support of 1 million 100 thousand TL received from the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution (TKDK) in 2023.

Hanife Aydin, who lives in Samsun’s 19 Mayis district, established her first rose greenhouse in 2000 with the capital she obtained by selling the flat she inherited from her father. Aydin, who then expanded this greenhouse with state support, established a new greenhouse in Ladik district in 2023 by investing 110.000 USD. Around 35.000 USD of the investment was covered by the grant support of the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution. Aydin, one of the largest rose growers in the Black Sea Region, grows ‘Red Naomi’ roses in her greenhouse with an area of ​​10,000 square meters. Aydin harvests approximately 1.5 million stems of roses annually.

Aydin stated that when she started this business, there was no rose producers in the Black Sea Region, and said: “In fact, my father-in-law said that it is not possible to grow roses in this part of the country. However, I disagreed and then sold our flat inherited from my late father and bought land for rose cultivation. After that, I was able to establish a 240-square-meter greenhouse with 75% grant support from the Ministry of Agriculture. Thanks to our Ministry, I established the greenhouse and started growing roses on that land. Afterward, local authorities guided us, and we applied for the project and received additional support to expand our greenhouse.”

Aydin noted that they are currently producing for cooperatives and said: “My current goal is not only selling roses within the country but also to export to generate revenue for my country. My advice to female entrepreneurs is to do the job they dream of.”

Source: DHA

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