Turkey has exported 70 million stems of flowers to Europe for Mother’s Day

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In Antalya, where a large part of the country’s cut flower production is made, Mother’s Day increased the intensity and the workload in greenhouses. Mostly red flowers collected from greenhouses were packaged in warehouses and prepared for sale. Flowers ordered from abroad for this special day were sent to their destination by trucks and airplanes. For the domestic market, the growers continued to harvest and ship products up until the last day before Mother’s Day.

Ismail Yilmaz, President of the Ornamental Plants and Cut Flowers Exporters Association, said that as usual, there has been a significant intensity in the sector for 5 months, including New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, and Mother’s Day. Reminding that the British celebrated Mother’s Day about 2.5 months ago, Yilmaz noted that after fulfilling the orders for the British market 2.5 months ago, they started supplying the domestic market and the rest of Europe at the beginning of May.

Underlining the increased demand from Europe for Mother’s Day, Yilmaz said: “We exported 70 million stems of flowers to Europe for this special day. We generated around 7 million USD of revenue in this period and contributed to our regional and national economy. Our products were well-received at their destinations and sold to European consumers without any problems. We were a little more active this year compared to last year, due to the deepening economic distress in the world, there is a tendency towards flowers because they are cheaper than alternative gifts. Especially red flowers were in demand during this period. There was a very high demand in the domestic market too, especially in metropolitan areas. A flower is a beautiful gift to be given to the mother with its color, smell, and the emotion it represents. Additionally, it is budget-friendly which plays an important role in gift selection in a struggling economy. Therefore, there is a positive atmosphere in the sector. We had more sales compared to last year and we are delighted with the exports and the demand in the domestic market so far.”

Antalya Commodity Exchange President Ali Candir said that growers grew different types of flowers suitable for various budgets. Candir said, “There cannot be a Mother’s Day without flowers. In Antalya, there is usually a production that is centered around carnation. Apart from this, we also have various other varieties such as roses, and gerberas. Potted plants are also popular for this particular special day. Everyone can find a flower or plant according to their budget.”

Turkan Sensoy, who has been working in the flower industry for about 30 years, said that she both contributes to the home economy and spends the money she earns on her children’s education. Sensoy said, “I prepare flowers for mothers in greenhouses and warehouses. This is a very beautiful work. On the other hand, I have 3 children, and I also receive flowers from my children on Mother’s Day”

Source: Istanbul Ticaret Gazetesi

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