Tulip pre-books have been strong, high prices on the Dutch market are helping drive California-grown tulips

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Bill Prescott on the run-up to Mother’s Day:

In May, many countries celebrate Mother’s Day. In the US, it is celebrated on May 12. The Mother’s Day season is often a busy one for flower growers. California flower farm Sun Valley Floral knows about the Mother’s Day rush and shares its experiences.

Bill Prescott, Sun Valley’s Director of Sales and Marketing, with Royals

Sun Valley Floral Farms finds itself in the midst of the Mother’s Day run-up. Bill Prescott, Sun Valley’s Director of Sales and Marketing says: “Sun Valley is seeing strong demand for Mother’s Day bulb flowers, we are still taking pre-books on standards, doubles, and fancies.”

When asked about their most popular product at this time of the year, Prescott points out that especially tulips are in strong demand: “Tulip pre-books have been strong as high prices on the Dutch market are helping drive California-grown tulips. While many customers are hearing about small tulips on the open market, we have maintained our quality by only using 12+ centimeter bulbs, leading to beefy 40-gram tulips.”

He also notes that lilies are becoming increasingly popular, saying “The lily market is heating up, we find that especially spring-colored LA Hybrids are building in demand.” Aside from tulips and lilies, Sun Valley Floral Farms also offers various other flowers, including iris, Butterflies, and Viburnum. “Our Viburnum season kicked off April 3, so we have strong availability of this gorgeous crop,” Prescott adds.

Although the Mother’s Day Season is a busy time, Prescott states that Sun Valley Floral Farms is matching demand with its harvest. “The weather at both our farm in Arcata and our farm in Willow Creek has been just about perfect to bring the holiday in on time.”

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