Tree-growth tape aims to give all the information needed

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Together with software company Exobotic Technologies from Belgium, VanDerEng has developed the tree-growth tag. According to the company, the label grows with trees while allowing all relevant growth information to be read via the QR code and linked software.

The VanDerEng tree-growth tape is the innovation within the tree nursery industry. The QR code, combined with the color of the tag, gives all the information desired. The trees can grow up to 20 – 30 centimeters in size.

The labels are made of 250 mu HDPE ,and are UV-proof and waterproof. Due to the stamped ribbed shape, the labels are easy to attach and stay in place. The labels only change when the tree grows. Each color indicates a size category and is immediately visible in the field.

Each label has a unique QR code, which is linked to software which allows that the stock per thickness (in mm) is also directly visible. This development makes it possible to save up to 60% time measuring and tracking tree information.

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