Total fair area Plantarium|Groen-Direkt 2024 10% larger than last year

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On August 21 and 22, 2024, the third autumn edition of the fair will again be the place to be for suppliers and everyone else professionally involved in the green sector. The total fair area will be 10% larger than last year, and a good 70% of that area has already been reserved. With another four months to go, the organizers expect the area to be fully booked well before the fair opens.

The fair has meanwhile also become international in scope, attracting lots of interest from exhibitors outside the Netherlands, say the organizers. Foreign exhibitors who participated in preceding editions will be attending again this autumn and will even be expanding. And a large proportion of the new stallholders will be from outside the Netherlands, too. The fair organizers themselves are, of course, making efforts to attract new visitors and exhibitors from abroad. Exhibitors from any country are welcome to participate, even those without any direct relations with Groen-Direkt. Everyone interested is to register via the website. Those who book a stand (other than the budget stands) by 26 May at the latest will benefit from an early booking discount.

New: attractive outdoor patio
Plantarium|Groen-Direkt is all about plants. But the autumn edition is also an ideal opportunity for growers and buyers to meet one another – to boost their relations, establish new contacts, and make plans for the coming seasons. Next to the permanent fair building will be a spacious, light, air-conditioned marquee surrounded by a large patio for indoor and outdoor catering. So, whatever the weather, the fair will offer you a perfect, attractive environment in which to meet and talk to people, conduct negotiations, and generally have a great time.

Green Retail Awards
Plantarium|Groen-Direkt is, of course, also the number-one fair for the introduction of novelties and innovations, which will be presented at prominent places throughout the fair. You’ll find the Visitors’ Favourite and the Wall of Fame directly at the entrance, and the aforementioned marquee will accommodate an attractive hotspot for Novelties and Market Innovations.

Groups of visitors
Plantarium|Groen-Direkt offers its visitors a very warm welcome, with free coffee, tea, soft drinks, and sandwiches. There are also facilities for making things even more convenient for groups of buyers/visitors. For example, groups whose visit has been registered beforehand will enjoy direct entry via a group ticket, their coach will be allowed to drop them off at the entrance, a table can be reserved for them at the meeting point, and, if so desired, they can be welcomed and given a tour of the fair.

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