Tips for Making a Bust Arrangement

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1. Consider wheat grass. When working with an tricky vessel with an unusual shape—or as in this case with a metal pipe in the center—wheat grass makes a great floral mechanic. You can purchase it at many grocers or order from a floral wholesaler. Cut it to shape using a serated knife and place it in your container. Sybil notes that it only stays green and pretty for a couple of days.

2. Use water tubes. Fill each tube with fresh water and apply its rubber cap. Sybil uses scissors to snip a hole in the cap so it can hold larger stems or even more than one stem. Once your stems are in the water tube, you can easily poke them into the wheat grass base. For this arrangement she placed pansies, clematis vines, tweedia, and muscari in water tubes.

3. Mix and match. Even though this bust arrangement has a singular color story with its shades of blue and violet, the flowers came from multiple sources. Fishhooks plants (Senecio) were purchased at a local nursery. Sybil took the plants out of their pots and poked them into the grass base, creating tendrils around the face. The pansies were foraged from pots behind her house, while the clematis, tweedia, and muscari were purchased from a wholesale florist.

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