Thursd Expands Its Influence in Kenya with Rosemary Kimunya Joining the Community

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Thursd proudly announces a strategic partnership with Rosemary Kimunya, a luminary in the floral and agribusiness sectors. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Thursd, as it seeks to celebrate and empower exceptional talent within the global floral community.

Empowering the Floral Industry Through Strategic Partnership

Rosemary Kimunya, celebrated for organizing the Kenya Flower Festival and being featured in the Top 100 Agribusiness Women in Africa, brings a unique blend of innovation and expertise to Thursd. This partnership underscores Thursd’s dedication to fostering an environment of recognition and empowerment, further enhancing its mission to connect, inspire, and support individuals and companies in the floriculture industry.


Rosemary Kimunya at Kenya Flower Festival


The collaboration is set to amplify the visibility of Kenyan businesses and the broader floral industry online. Through regular farm visits, engaging content creation, and active engagement with both local and international audiences, Thursd and Kimunya aim to foster a deeper global appreciation for the flower industry.



Anticipated Impact of the Collaboration

As Thursd and Rosemary Kimunya embark on this journey together, the floral community can look forward to an influx of inspiring content and impactful initiatives. This collaboration is dedicated not only to showcasing the aesthetic beauty of flowers but also to highlighting the remarkable individuals and stories that form the backbone of the industry.

This partnership promises to enrich the floral industry with invaluable insights, creativity, and a heightened focus on community empowerment. Kimunya’s achievements and her philosophy of uplifting those around her resonate deeply with Thursd’s objective to connect, inspire, and support the global floral community.



This article is based on the Press Release Rosemary Kimunya sent out Thursd March 22nd, 2024.

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