Three Plantipp novelties awarded at PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt

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During the GROEN-Direkt Summer Days, the KVBC, in collaboration with PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt, carried out a second inspection of novelties this year. The inspection committee assessed a total of ten novelties. Three new Plantipp introductions have been awarded a medal.

Silver for Lavandula Sensational
Lavandula intermedia Sensational! (‘Tesseract’PBR), a Lavandula with arge flowers (11 cm), was submitted by Plantipp and Handelskwekerij Hoogenraad. The KVBC jury was enthusiastic about the “strong, somewhat looser plant with many large flower spikes/flower buds. Looks similar to L. ‘Phenomenal’, but the purple flowers are darker in colour, making it distinctive.”

Bronze for Agapanthus Everpanthus Sparkle and Gazania Suncarpet
Other award-winning novelties, Agapanthus Everpanthus® Sparkle (‘DWAGHYB05’PBR) and Gazania Suncarpet® (‘DWGZHY01’PBR), have also been recognized for their qualities and were awarded Bronze Medals. “Agapanthus Sparkle is a true flowering spectacle, guaranteed to leave you in awe. Its multicoloured, dark violet-blue and white flowers are a showstopper, maintaining their beauty for weeks on end. And just like its Everpanthus family, Everpanthus Sparkle boasts an incredibly long flowering period with good repeat flowering, ensuring a stunning display in your garden.”

“Gazania Suncarpet is a real flowering machine that blooms consistently from late spring through summer and autumn. Suncarpet has good drought resistance and meets all requirements for a water-saving landscape design. This powerhouse produces so many flowers that gardens and borders are covered in a carpet of sunflower-like flowers in no time.”

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