Three new members join Mycorrhizal Applications team

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Mycorrhizal Applications has welcomed three new team members to support its product development, research, trade events, and marketing.

On the product development team, Mycorrhizal Applications announces the appointment of two distinguished professionals, Dr. Anissa Poleatewich and Dr. Alison Reeve. On the sales and marketing team, Katie Gustafson leads marketing and communication programs.

“We’re thrilled to bring these three professionals into our organization,” said Blair Busenbark, Sales and Marketing Manager at Mycorrhizal Applications. “They offer incredible expertise in their roles, and I’m confident they will serve as thought leaders for the team.”

Anissa Poleatewich, Senior Product Development Manage
As the Senior Product Development Manager at Mycorrhizal Applications, Dr. Anissa Poleatewich brings more than 18 years of expertise in crop protection and crop enhancement research and development. An accomplished plant pathologist, Poleatewich holds an M.S. and Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from Pennsylvania State University, where her focus on biocontrol strategies for managing weeds and diseases of tree fruit laid the foundation for her impactful career.

Before joining Mycorrhizal Applications, Poleatewich served as an Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology at the University of New Hampshire. During her tenure, she led groundbreaking research programs, including the evaluation of amending peat with wood fiber substrates and the testing of chitosan for the suppression of foliar diseases on horticultural crops. Her work also included projects at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, where she contributed to the development of a pre-commercial hydroponic test facility for pathology research.

In her role at Mycorrhizal Applications, Poleatewich leads research projects, coordinating efforts to develop new products and support existing product lines. She will also provide technical support to customers and sales while overseeing in-vitro and in-vivo mycorrhizae manufacturing.

Alison Reeve, Product Development Specialist
Mycorrhizal Applications is delighted to welcome Dr. Alison Reeve as the new Product Development Specialist. With a Ph.D. in Horticulture from Oregon State University, specializing in wine grape physiology, Reeve brings a unique set of skills to the team. Her experience includes three years as the Assistant Vineyard Manager in the Umpqua Valley of Oregon, where she managed 700 acres of wine grapes, followed by her role as Vineyard Manager at Abacela, where she successfully reduced herbicide use by more than 75%.

As a Product Development Specialist at Mycorrhizal Applications, Reeve is responsible for conducting efficacy tests on newly produced arbuscular mycorrhizal isolates, assessing compatibility with other biostimulants, and providing product support for current formulations. She will also play a crucial role in the commercial production of current arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi isolates, offering research-based technical support for sales.

Katie Gustafson, Marketing Communications Manager
Katie Gustafson joins the Mycorrhizal Applications team as the new Marketing Communications Manager. Gustafson is well known in the green industry, having joined Mycorrhizal Applications from AmericanHort, the national association for the horticulture industry, and Cultivate, AmericanHort’s flagship event. At AmericanHort, she led the marketing for online education and fall events. In addition, Gustafson specialized in email marketing, content creation, editorial work, and graphic design.

As Marketing Communications Manager at Mycorrhizal Applications, Gustafson is responsible for leading the development and execution of marketing and communications strategies, as well as advertising, public relations, branding, and supporting company growth. She will actively participate in trade shows and industry events. In addition, Gustafson is responsible for the launch of Mycorrhizal Applications’ professional products in the retail market under the Magic GardenerĀ® brand.

“All three individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to Mycorrhizal Applications’ team, reinforcing the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the horticulture industry,” said Busenbark. “I look forward to working with them and seeing the impact of their contributions to our business.”

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