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Ecopots Venice 2

In 2022, the Ornamental Plant Research Center near Ghent (Belgium) conducted an indoor trial with Spathiphyllum. The research center aimed to identify differences in functionality among various models of Ecopots and a few other pots. The Ecopots Venice 2 was the clear winner as it showcased superb root development at the end of the trials. This resulted in very well-developed plants with large and full leaves.

Alongside the indoor trial, they also conducted an outdoor trial with Hydrangeas. This trial lasted longer as it involved a thorough examination of the effects of winter, watering, and other factors. The trials ended at the end of August 2023, and a final report followed by mid-October. The researchers established a rating which was based on factors such as visual plant quality, fresh weight (leaf mass), and root development. The rating once again demonstrated that the Ecopots Venice 2 performed exceptionally well, as was shown by the plant’s weight, which was the highest measured. This high weight was the result of an integrated water reservoir that continuously provides the roots with a sufficient amount of water. Natural capillary action ensures that water continuously reaches the upper parts of the plant.

The water reservoir’s utility has already been proven at Ecopots Amsterdam, where it scored high in root development. Such water reservoirs function as a buffer that ensures that plants remain in top condition, even under challenging conditions such as high temperatures.

Another observation was that hydrangeas in pots with a water reservoir tend to bloom earlier and develop more and fuller flowers.

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