The Vikings have landed at IFTEX

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“1300 Years ago, people reacted ‘Watch out, the Vikings are landing!’Today, it’s “Look out for the Vikings, they are landing, delivering beauty and happiness in Scandinavian design’,” says John Pouw, also known as Jolly Johnny, the Dutch Viking responsible for licensing and marketing Viking Roses. This year, the Vikings will land at IFTEX in Nairobi. They will not only be exhibiting at this show for the first time, they will also present their new Rosa Loves Me® family, but also their new Rosa’s Amazing® family.

The roses are bred by Danish breeder Rosa Eskelund, or in Viking terms ‘Ruthless Rosa’. Over the years, her creations are finding their way to growers all over the world and also in Kenya, here Viking roses have been in production for several years now. And with her cut flowers series, Rosa aims to spread the beauty of fresh cut flowers combined with Scandinavian design. “One look, one smell and the nonsense of plastic flowers is made history,” Rosa affirms, “Vikings can be grown with a minimal footprint and maximum satisfaction.”

Rosa’s Amazing® Firecracker®, Pink Wink, Yellow Wink, Salmon Pink, Celebrating Heather.

Jolly Johnny saw the boost of these roses during corona-times: “After 10 years I saw them appear in the trials, premium sprays with big garden-type flowers, now being commercially planted. And, astonishingly, the last year, also highly productive retail standards.”

Both families are cut roses, and according to John, “The Rosa Loves Me® family clearly shows the garden rose genetics, one of the two bases for Rosa’s breeding, the second being pot roses, expressed in the productivity of Rosa’s Amazing®. The disease resistance of the parents and great parents has found its way into both families.”

Rosa Loves Me® under a Majestic Sunrise.

Angeline Abuti, or ‘Ruthless Angie’, joined Viking Roses as Kenyan Viking selection and marketing manager, two years ago and is pleased with the results so far. “When I joined the Vikings nearly two years ago, I thought patience was needed. We set up our trial house in Nakuru and it has been hectic ever since, with batches of new codes coming in three times per year and especially bud wood management. Every stem of the selections already has a destination.”

Rosa Loves Me® Under the Stars (Brand’ new, being planted), the two-stems-per-bunch spray rose Rosa Loves Me® Inger Kristine, and Rosa Loves Me® Paula’s Champagne Delight (has a similar shipping quality and vase life as its sister ‘Inger Kristine’)

IFTEX 2024
Both Viking Roses families are presented at IFTEX 2024 will take place from June 4-6 in Nairobi, Kenya, at stand A2.08

Rosa Loves Me® with Fatal Attraction.

Rosa Loves Me® Beyond Venus (being planted and available soon), and Rosa Loves Me® Yes, I Do.

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