The Russian Ministry of Agriculture supports the proposal to increase import duties on flowers

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The Russian Ministry of Agriculture has supported for a proposal to raise import duties on flowers. Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev stated during a session of the State Duma Committee, “I suggest that flower imports should incur significant import duties: if they want to import, let them contribute to the treasury. But it is also important not to deprive women of flowers.”

This response came following a proposal by a deputy to establish a working group to prepare measures aimed at supporting domestic floriculturists, particularly by restricting flower imports, including those from unfriendly countries, with duty as low as 3-5%. Currently, imported flowers hold an 82% share of the market.

“We have previously implemented support measures for flower production, including preferential loans and other measures. Let’s consider import duties,” added Patrushev.

Deputies believe that the initial goal of this work should be to increase the share of domestic production in the flower market to 50%.


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