The point of screens is saving energy and optimizing climate

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Saving energy is a significant challenge in greenhouse horticulture in the Netherlands. Jesse Verbeke, Application Manager at Phormium can relate. “Actually, it’s about energy saving and climate optimization. Ensuring better cultivation with higher yields while saving energy.”

Jesse Verbeke of Phormium

Jesse sees the energy crisis of two years ago as a major trigger. “People were already aware of it, but then they also realized: now it has to happen. Then we experienced a switch to LED. In Belgium, people were already investing in it, but during the energy crisis it also started to happened in the Netherlands.”

For Phormium, the crisis was also a signal to explore solutions for energy savings and a better greenhouse climate. “In our region, we are looking at energy screens, such as the highly transparent Hermetic Clear. The thing is, within Phormium’s energy screens, there is a distinction between porous energy screens, which still let a little moisture and air through, and hermetic screens. These are very tightly woven—they contain no threads, so no moisture or air can pass through.”

By comparison, a normal fabric saves 47 percent energy, while Hermetic Clear saves 60 percent energy, says Jesse. So, it’s perfect for energy saving, but what about moisture? “Hermetic Clear is a very good cloth, but you have to combine it with dehumidification. The screen combines very well with any type of dehumidification, active or passive. We closely follow developments in this field, so that we can advise customers on the best type of dehumidification for their situation.”

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