The Making of Porta Nova’s Rose Red Naomi Easter Floral Design

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Easter, a celebration rich with tradition and bearing a lot of spiritual significance, has always been adorned with blooms to commemorate the sacrifice, redemption, and rebirth. Porta Nova’s Rose Red Naomi with its red velvety petals, became the perfect rose to curate the following Easter floral designs by the talented floral designer, Roman Fedorovich.

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Easter Design With Rose Red Naomi

The project titled ‘Easter Design-Rose Red Naomi’ on myThursd, published on the 10th of January 2024, was open for pitching by floral designs until the 29th of February, and deliverables were expected on the 7th of March. Roman Fedorovich, won the project and embarked on a creative journey to bring unique and classy Easter floral designs of Rose Red Naomi.


Picture of  Rose Red Naomi Easter Design


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Rose Red Naomi Is Perfect for an Easter Floral Decor

Quality and craftsmanship are associated with Easter celebrations, creative Roman Fedorovich did not disappoint in showcasing both, using the impeccable quality of Rose Red Naomi.


Rose Red Naomi
Celebrate your Easter with Rose Red Naomi


Romans reckon that;

“For my ‘Wreath Bouquet‘, I made a levitating decorative frame, which is fixed by tilting the flower stems. To make the design more light, I supplemented it with Asclepia fluffs. Rose Red Naomi has an incredible depth of color that is perfect for Easter designs. The shape of the bouquet-wreath directly symbolizes the cyclical nature of life.”

As you gather to celebrate the renewal that comes with Easter, connect with nature through the soothing effect of flowers, and cherish the beauty within and the blessings of this sacred occasion. To portray hope, convey joy, and inspire, Roman curated an amazing piece using the hazel branches to capture hope, and renewal as an everlasting power of the holiday!


Rose Red Naomi
Wreath Bouquet of Rose Red Naomi


“I wanted to emphasize the movement of the stems of the Red Naomi rose, with the graphic nature of the hazel branches. The work was done in an alternative technique to reflect the purity of Easter while also addressing the theme of eco-friendliness. In my opinion, the deep meaning of Easter lies in the color and velvet of roses, namely self-sacrifice, redemption, and resurrection.”

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Easter Floral Design, Rose Red Naomi


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