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A walk through The Grove’s garden in Oxfordshire, England, would be a treat any time. But the opportunity to tour alongside India Hicks during her visit from the Bahamas makes it even more special. The spirited designer, humanitarian, tastemaker, and goddaughter of King Charles III invariably adds a layer of anecdotal wit to any story, especially that of the country estate where she spent much of her childhood and where her mother, Lady Pamela, continues to live.

Dotted by sturdy stone churches, tidy cottages, and welcoming pubs, the countryside surrounding The Grove boasts history that dates back to Roman times. Behind perky gardens and hedgerows, farmsteads are owned by generations of locals who know all the unmarked roads and willingly offer directions to strangers. It was in the early 1960s that the area’s solid country-squire lifestyle captured the fertile imagination of India’s late father, David Hicks, the iconic interior designer and revolutionary in his field.

During our stroll, India shares memories of her father. “He had a profound and lasting interest in the way people live,” she says. “And he set the world on fire with his daring designs that other people were not doing.” Throughout his halcyon years, as his design empire rapidly grew, Hicks famously proclaimed that he was “undoubtedly the best known interior designer in the world.” As if that wasn’t sufficient, he added that he was “designing everything that can be designed.”

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