The Goyang Flower Grand Prix – A New Competition

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A new and exciting international floral competition is born.

The Horticultural Goyang Expo in South Korea is a renowned international event showcasing various aspects of horticulture, including gardening, landscaping, and floral design. It provides a platform for exhibitors from around the world to display their innovations and exchange knowledge.

The expo typically features stunning displays of flowers, plants, and gardening techniques, attracting visitors and enthusiasts alike. It’s a fantastic opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature and learn about the latest trends in horticulture.

During the festival a new competition will take place: Goyang Flower Grand Prix.

Program Goyang Flower Grand Prix

Besides the horticultural festival, this new international competition will be very special. At the opening on the 26th visitors will be given floral hats, to show the public what an awesome show it’s going to be.



10 talented designers from all over the world will bring their best skills to South Korea to take home the first prize. Bart Hassam, FTD World Cup Winner in 2019 Philadelphia will be demonstrating on the 27th. And for floral designers, it will be magical to be a part of. 

  • 24 April 2024   Prepare for competition
  • 25 April 2024   Grand Prix (Task1) – Designer’s Choice
  • 26 April 2024    Grand Prix (Task2 & 3) – Designer’s Choice & Surprise package
  • 27 April 2024    Grand Prix (Final Round – Surprise) & GFGP Awards Ceremony


Program Goyang Flower Grand Prix



  • Jenny Thomasson, USA
  • Aniko Kovacs, Canada:

    “I’m so excited to compete in this new competition. I look forward to meeting my fellow competitors. I love to learn new skills, develop different methods, and get inspiration from other cultures. I met Jinny Park and Alex Choi during Fleuramour, an event in a beautiful castle in Belgium. He just became the World Cup Champion back then. I cannot believe I will be going to Korea now. Participating is already a win for me, let’s do this!”

  • Kristian Köver, Hungary
  • Arman Voskian, Armenia
  • Kim Joogkook, Korea
  • Natalia Hoogenraad, Netherlands
  • Hong Yechan, Korea
  • Howard Pang, Macao
  • Daisuke Jamakawa, Japan
  • Florence Ling, Hong Kong:

“I used to work in finance, just like many others. To unwind from work stress, I decided to pick up some hobbies. I’ve always had a love for flowers, so learning floristry was a natural choice for me. I was captivated by the artistry and skills involved in floristry, and I can’t seem to get enough of learning more about it.

My inspiration comes from my travels and nature. I enjoy experimenting with different materials and styles, as I prefer to keep things fresh and exciting—it’s like my own creative playground. Sometimes, my best ideas come to me when I’m lost in daydreams.”

Design Florence Ling HongKong
Design by Florence Ling, Hong Kong



Goyang Flower Grand Prix & Florint

How Florint helps this new and exciting competition make a flying start.

Simon Ogrizek, president of Florint:

“Florint, the International Florist Organization is already 67-year-old recognized, representative, and international body, with the following key issues in floristry, which are part of Florint’s strategy agenda. Florint can add value to your florist association, by helping you fulfill your promise to your member florists: to make their business life easier. There are significant benefits to a Florint membership. We offer valuable support in 5 crucial areas where florists – and the associations that represent them – face big challenges: Entrepreneurship – Marketing – Craftsmanship – Education – And sustainability.”

Florint is very strong in the field of education, which includes judging certification as well. In the field of judging they are investing a lot of time and finances to achieve the highest possible level of objectivity.

Their partners highly value objectivity and that is why Florint judging and the TC (Technical Committee) team will be present at the new international floristry competition at the Horticultural Goyang Fair near Seoul in South Korea: ‘Goyang Flower Grand Prix’.

In 2018 Florint signed a memorandum of cooperation with Goyang Fair (GIFF) and since then Goyang International Flower Foundation (GIFF) and the international florist organization Florint established relations and a partnership for promoting mutual development and the exchange of the global flower industry, culture, and business.



Since the end of last year, Florint has been strongly involved in the organization of this competition and some other activities during the fair. This year they are even more honored to be part of the event, due to a special guest coming to the fair. The Florint team will arrive in Seoul on 24 th of April and immediately start with activities.

“United we can be much, much stronger and able to reach the highest possible level in Floristry.”

– Lena Stryska & Simon Ogrizek, Secretary and President of Florint.



Thursd Present to Cover the Event

Thursd is honored to be present at the Goyang Flower Grand Prix to make sure you can know the results firsthand with stories and pictures from the techniques and skills to see. Follow our socials to keep you posted! Enjoy!

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