The federal carbon price increase will impose nearly $24M in additional carbon costs on the greenhouse sector

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With the April 1st deadline for the carbon tax increase fast approaching, the need for meaningful dialogue and actionable solutions has never been greater. Such a measure has raised quite a concern among greenhouse growers, with the FVGC on the front line to raise awareness and push a policy change. “On Monday, April 1st 2024, the federal carbon price increase will impose nearly 24 million dollars in additional carbon costs on the greenhouse vegetable sector this year,” says Linda Delli Santi, executive director of the BC Greenhouse Growers Association. “As the executive director of the BC Greenhouse Grower Association, I speak from experience.”

Linda recalls when the carbon tax in BC was increased over 10 years ago, and how that eventually resulted in the shutting down of her operation. “Over 10 years ago, the BC carbon tax cost me 50,000 dollars per year. It prevented me from drawing a salary or reinvesting in the business for several years. After growing tomatoes and peppers for nearly 30 years on our family farms 5-acre greenhouse could not continue under the immense financial strain that ultimately led to its closure. I’m saddened to see the history repeat itself across the country. The carbon tax hike on April 1st undermines our Canadian food security and will continue to raise consumer food crises. the situation demands an urgent reassessment of the carbon tax policy to support the sustainability of Canadian agriculture.”

“In the face of these unprecedented challenges, our growers are standing at a crossroads, where the decisions made today will shape the future of Canadian agriculture,” states Marcus Janzen, President of the Fruit and Vegetable Growers of Canada. “The story of Linda is not an isolated instance but a reflection of the widespread impact of the carbon tax on our industry. We call on Parliament to act swiftly and decisively by passing Bill C-234 in its original form. Doing so is not just about alleviating the financial pressures on our growers; it’s about securing the future of food security in Canada and taking a definitive step towards a sustainable agricultural sector. We cannot afford delay or compromise—our farmers, our consumers, and our country deserve immediate action.”

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