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Peak season starts for

The peak season at has started. As usual, spring is the busiest time of the year, leading to long days and weeks. “All our teams work non-stop, I’m handling the scheduling and occasionally I step in where it’s most needed.”

Indeed, their help is much needed due to chronic labor shortages. These shortages have their ups and downs, but during summer, labor is well available, Martin Vermeer points out. His company,, has been supporting growers in the Westland region (the Netherlands) for more than 25 years.

Our colleagues of BPnieuws met him on-site at a conifer nursery. This growr wants 80,000 plants potted which is roughly 1 ha. “We’re quite familiar with this kind of job,” Martin says. “It takes us a few days or maybe a week, and then this team can move on.”

In essence, tasks don’t change much, tasks such as spreading bark, filing, and labeling are almost standard procedures. Over the past few years, the printing of plant passports has become increasingly common, especially since it’s required on the English market.

Peak season
The peak season started a couple of weeks ago and it’s busyness will continue until June. At times it may be so busy that customers are forced to wait a week. Namely, aside from seasonal products, tropical houseplants, phalaenopsis, items like yuccas continue as usual.

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