The Beauty of Lilies With ‘Love for Lilies’

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The ‘Love for Lilies‘ campaign, driven by 70 Dutch lily growers, aims to celebrate and promote the world of lilies as cut flowers. This initiative highlights the diverse range of lilies, each with or without scents and vibrant colors, making them a luxurious choice for any floral arrangement. Lilies have long been admired for their stunning beauty and versatility, and the ‘Love for Lilies’ campaign seeks to bring these exquisite flowers into the spotlight.

Lilies are not subtle, hence the slogan:

“Not Grown to Be Subtle!!”

Why Love for Lilies

Lilies are flowers that need no introduction, dating back to ancient civilizations to date, they have stood the test of time and yet remained a widely loved flower. Love for Lilies is more than a call to action, it’s different from any other campaign. It’s the fuel to revolutionize a deeply rooted lilies culture.


The soothing scent of Lilies, can’t help but stop to enjoy the fragrance


Lilies can effortlessly steal all the attention in a room, with their undeniable beauty, color, fragrance, and vibrancy; one can easily be drawn in by a lily. Dutch growers are rallying together to bring you a diverse range of lilies, scented and unscented, to foster the use of lilies around your everyday flower needs. Joining this worthy cause, not only adds to their efforts but also fosters the culture of incorporation of flowers in your daily routines, which is the epitome of Love for Lilies.


Love for Lilies
Femininity, elegance, love for pink lilies


What are some of the lily species promoted in this campaign, read on to find out. Most importantly, your love for a lily will be the beginning of a lifelong journey and daily usage of lilies in your home, special moments, and occasions yet to come. Love for Lilies is an affirmation that flowers are good for you and so they should be shared with your loved ones too!

About the Four Different Lily Species

When achieving the best results with your lilies is the goal, starting with the right kind of quality regarding your bulb selection is crucial. Plump bulbs are widely preferred by growers because they store enough food for the plant, leading to the production of amazing flowers in the end. The unusual traits of some bulbs determine the sizes of the flowers and stem length. For the ‘Love for Lilies” campaign, the following four species are poised to bring diversity and variety for you to experience the magic and power of lilies.


Love for Lilies
Floral influencers Peter Van Delft and Lisa Casta participating in the Love for Lilies campaign at Keukenhof


Oriëntals and Oriëntal Trumpet (OT)

Orientals and OT make up about 60% of all the lilies supplied by Royal Flora Holland. Generally speaking, the flowers are bigger than those in the LA group. Strong, durable flowers are orientals and overtone blooms. They stand out and are eye-catching pieces to make a statement because of their size and rainbow of colors!

Double Lilies (Roselilies)

The introduction of double lilies dates back only a few years. The volume and availability of these lilies will undoubtedly increase in the upcoming years. The extra petals on double lilies give them a lovely, complete appearance. They truly come bursting out of the vase! Double lilies — commonly known as Roselilies — share the same unique light to strong scent because they are descended from Oriental lilies.


Love for Lilies
A bouquet of yellow lilies by @Lotsa.Love


Longiflorium Asiatic & Asiatics (LA & A)

Approximately 30 percent of the lilies supplied by Royal FloraHolland come from the LA & A branch of the family. 95 percent of these are LA. There are several options available in shades of pink, orange, yellow, red, white, and all the variants in between. Because of its broad color palette, the LA & A group works well for themes and public holidays.


Love for Lilies
Asiatic Lily by @Ibulb


The cup-shaped flowers work best in somewhat smaller but large bouquets. The LA & A Lilies have almost no smell. Ideal for those who dislike the scent of lilies.

Longiflorum and Longiflorum Oriëntal (LO)

Large, distinctively long flowers characterize the Longiflorum. Originally pendulous, 80 percent of the lilies given are now upright. The number of Longiflorum and Oriental crossbreeds, or LOs, has increased in recent years. This features huge, sometimes light pink, sometimes white flowers.

This variety’s lengthy vase life is one of its advantages. Both LO and longiflorum smell lovely together.


Love for Lilies
Picture by @Voikku


Symbolism of Lilies and Their Meaning

For a flower widely adored, the lily bears huge significance in societal crucial occasions. For instance, lilies are common with weddings, because of their purity and are often referred to as the flower that symbolizes virginity and purity in Christianity. The flower of love, and explains why the love for lilies is immense because of its scent, and a great choice to spice up the mood in the bedroom, by tapping into its captivating scent.

Lilies were associated with fertility in ancient Greeks and brides wore a crown of lilies to increase the chances of a fruitful life. Their usage in funerals makes it the perfect choice for that final tribute, the lily’s innocence and purity make it an ideal flower to accompany a loved one to their final resting place.


Love for Lilies
Lily Zambesi from Bredefleur, designed by Geertje Stienstra


What do different colors of lilies mean though? Next time you want to gift a loved one a bouquet of lilies, it is good to know the meaning of each color to communicate and express your sentiments accurately!

  • White Lilies: a symbol of innocence, modesty, and purity.
  • Yellow Lilies: for happiness, gratitude, and quick healing wish.
  • Light Pink Lilies: they exude feminity, beauty, and generosity.
  • Dark Pink Lilies: ambition, prosperity, and abundance.
  • Orange Lilies: a true representation of boldness and encouraging sentiments.

Why Choose Lilies for Your Floral Arrangements?

Lilies are known for their:

  • Stunning Varieties: From bold and bright to soft and subtle, there’s a lily for every taste. Whether you prefer the classic white lilies or the vibrant Asiatic varieties, the options are endless.
  • Exquisite Scents: Enhance your space with the delightful fragrance of lilies. Many varieties offer a unique scent, from the sweet aroma of Oriental lilies to the mild fragrance of Trumpet lilies.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for bouquets, centerpieces, or other displays. Lilies can elevate any setting, whether you’re decorating for a special event or simply adding a touch of elegance to your home.


Love for Lilies
Floral designs featuring Lily Nymph by Kristina Remiene


Join the ‘Love for Lilies’ Campaign

Get involved with the ‘Love for Lilies’ campaign and explore the beauty and elegance of these magnificent flowers. The campaign offers a wealth of resources for lily enthusiasts, including:

  • Promotional Pack: A carefully curated selection of materials to help you learn more about lilies and how to grow them.
  • Catalog: A comprehensive guide to the different varieties of lilies, complete with vibrant images and detailed descriptions.
  • Newsletter: Regular updates on the latest news, tips, and trends in the world of lilies. Stay informed and inspired with insights from expert growers and enthusiasts.


Love for Lilies
Picture by @Rapuca Cepierogi


Spread the joy of flowers by joining the Love for Lilies train; be ready to learn, connect, grow, and be inspired so that you can also motivate others.

By joining the ‘Love for Lilies’ campaign, you’ll be part of a community of lily lovers who share a passion for these stunning flowers. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a floral novice, the campaign offers something for everyone.

Experience the Magic of Lilies

The ‘Love for Lilies’ campaign is your gateway to discovering the magic and beauty of lilies. Whether you’re looking to enhance your garden, create stunning floral arrangements, or enjoy the exquisite nature of these flowers, the campaign provides the resources and inspiration you need.

For more information, visit the Love for Lilies website and join the community of lily enthusiasts today.


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