The art of nourishing with colors through flowers

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“The connection between flowers and colors that reflect a meaning for each flower gives us an experience that can help us to express and explore our feelings and emotions.” BallSB discovers this journey of connection with nature through the beauty of flowers and their power to convey emotions and feelings by the following examples:

A blue color expression like the ocean

“Water is an element associated with emotions and intuition. Flowers can help us to establish a deep connection with our feelings and express them meaningfully. From the soft and delicate dewdrops adorning the petals of a flower early in the morning, symbolizing purity and tranquility, we will discover how flowers and the element of water work in harmony to nourish our souls and provide us with comfort.”

To represent it, they present:

Trachymene Didiscus ‘Blue Murex’

Trachymene Didiscus ‘Blue Murex’
“It is an ornamental plant valued for its delicate, lacy blue flowers and is often used in cut flower arrangements for its aesthetic appeal. The flowers of Didiscus caeruleus are typically small and arranged in clusters.”

Like the sky

“Air symbolizes freedom and transformation, flowers help us transform as we bloom and grow in life. From flowers that dance in the wind and invite us to let go of the burdens of the past, to ethereal flowers that inspire us to see the world from a renewed perspective, flowers, and the air element urge us to spread our wings and fly toward our dreams.”

To represent it, they present:

Delphinium Trick

Delphinium Trick
The Delphinium Trick series new shoots are continuously developing. “The size of flower spikes is less robust than other types, making it perfect for mixed bouquets. The Delphinium colors stand out from the classical blue: Pink, Lavender, and Yellow.”

Like earth

“Earth is an element that symbolizes rootedness, stability, and connection to tangible reality. Flowers help us find balance and connect with our own earthy nature. Flowers cling to the earth and teach us about patience and perseverance, as many bloom in arid environments and inspire us with their resilience.”

To represent it, they present:

Echinacea Bubblegum

Echinacea Bubblegum
“Big, cheerful, and with the same wild beauty of the earth, Echinacea flowers are an easy-to-grow perennial, perfect for adding color to your arrangements!”

Like fire

“Fire represents passion, energy, and fiery transformation. Flowers ignite the fire of our inner passions and propel us to transform into more authentic versions of ourselves. Flowers with warm, vibrant colors fill us with vitality and enthusiasm, and together with the element of fire inspire us to embrace life with fervor and determination.”

To represent it, they present:

Achillea Sassy Summer

Achillea Sassy Summer (lemon, sangria, and taffy)
“The varieties in the Achillea Sassy Summer series have a taller height that works well in bouquets and arrangements.” The series is available in a range of colors such as yellow, red, and pink.

Celosia (Celway)
“A plant you can’t miss in bouquets and arrangements. The reason? Just look at it: the uniqueness of its inflorescence, which grows straight and resembles colorful bird feathers, striking colors that make you fall in love.”

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