“The aim is to build the largest flower center in Shanghai, not just a simple flower wholesale market”

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“Shanghai has a large group of people who have high consumption potential. The people who live here are willing to spend more money on flowers. If growers or other related product suppliers show their products in our park, it will be very helpful for their branding and selling”, says Xu Lili, the COO of Shanghai (Songjiang) Yangtze Delta Floral Innovation Park, when talking about the Flower Innovation Park. It is located in the Songjiang area, a one-hour drive from downtown Shanghai, “It is supported by the local government, with a total investment of 2.5 billion RMB and a total area of 2,000 acres. The aim is to build the largest flower center in Shanghai. It has very convenient transportation; in 40 minutes, one can arrive at Hong Qiao Airport and 1 hour at Pu Dong Airport.”

“We don’t offer a place for renting simply, but an entire solution for selling, including warehouses and young plant growing greenhouses, even tissue culture labs. The living apartments for talent are also being constructed now. Online selling is quite important in China nowadays, and TikTok (Douyin) and small red books should not be forgotten. We have prepared a building for online selling in our park so people can get all the services that they want. Our tissue culture lab and young plant greenhouse occupied 7,600 square meters. If there are company want to produce their young plant area here, it’s possible. The greenhouse is built with high levels, which can provide the necessary temperature, water, and humidity management.”

They also provide customs clearance services. “For overseas companies, it should be very convenient. Meanwhile, if they need an office or a warehouse, we also can provide it. So they do not need to hire extra staff and save costs.

In the southern part of the park, they are going to build a garden center. “Besides flowers, people also can see related horticulture tools, such as pots, substrates, and so on. We also hold DIY events frequently, which is very attractive for consumers. They love to make some flower bouquets by themselves. In this way, people also can sell their products. “

They will also be hosting events on the holidays, which will also attract many potential buyers. “People will come here to join events and buy flowers. For example, For the 2024 China Lantern Festival, we organized Shanghai’s first annual flower show, which was very successful. Alpine azaleas, phalaenopsis, anthurium, hydrangea, and so on all got good feedback.”

According to Xu Lili, selling flowers is not only selling flowers. “We should provide more convenience to customers. We want to put all the resources together to build a flower wholesaler platform, engage the flower industry, and increase the position of China in the global flower market. Now, there are already many flower brands in our park, so we are looking for more people to join us. “

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