That Flower Feeling appoints new fundraising development committee chair

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CalFlowers introduces Karen Oie as the new Development Committee chair for their “That Flower Feeling” initiative.

That Flower Feeling is a national floral marketing initiative established in 2021 by CalFlowers that is dedicated to increasing floral consumption across the US through a consumer-direct marketing campaign that promotes the use of flowers in everyday self-care routines. The cooperative effort strives to make the experience of having fresh flowers a part of daily life, promoting the idea that even the most modest bouquet can have positive effects on one’s well-being. By capturing “that flower feeling,” the initiative seeks to spread the joy and impact of flowers on a regular basis, ultimately benefiting the entire floral industry by increasing demand for non-holiday sales.

Karen Oie, who is currently the Director of Sales, North America at Smithers-Oasis, has consistently demonstrated expertise and commitment in her role. Oie is a seasoned professional with over eight and a half years of dedicated service in the floral industry. In addition to her leadership role at Smithers-Oasis, Karen has actively served as the First Vice President on the WF&FSA Board of Directors and has recently been appointed as President of the WF&FSA Association. Her extensive knowledge and deep insights into the industry uniquely qualify her as a highly valuable addition to That Flower Feeling Advisory Board.

Alongside members of That Flower Feeling’s advisory board, Oie will strive to be a beacon of innovation and excellence, driving forward the collective mission to promote the use of flowers in everyday self-care routines to millions of consumers. The Development committee will implement a comprehensive fundraising plan aligned with the organization’s financial goals, ensuring sustainable growth and impact. Additionally, they will evaluate the effectiveness of current fundraising strategies and propose adjustments to optimize outcomes. The board will cultivate and maintain relationships with donors, sponsors, and industry stakeholders, making it a top priority.

The committee will identify and organize important industry events including the One United Floral Mixer Fundraiser which will take place in September within the CalFlowers 2024 Fun ‘N Sun Convention. Alongside that, they will identify and pursue grant opportunities that align with the foundation’s mission, which will be essential for securing additional resources to further the organization’s impact and reach. Lastly, members will develop stewardship programs to ensure ongoing donor engagement and renewals, which will be central to the committee’s efforts.

Additional members include:

  • David Armellini, Armellini Logistics
  • Anna Rose Baca, Kendal Floral
  • Frank Biddle, FBI Flowers
  • Joost Bongarts, Florabundance
  • Pat Dahlson, Mayesh Wholesale
  • Oscan Fernandez, Rio Roses
  • Genoveva Pombo Fog, Asocoflores
  • Jena Gizerskiy, Rosaprima
  • Mimi Martinez, Jet Fresh Flowers
  • Cagney Miller, Mobis Floral
  • Ben Powell, Mayesh Wholesale

That Flower Feeling welcomes Karen Oie in her new position as Chair of the fundraising development committee. Her expertise and dedication will play a pivotal role in shaping the initiative’s fundraising efforts and advancing their mission of self-care through flowers.

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