Terra Nova Nurseries showcases color-changing sedum and heuchera varieties

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Terra Nova Nurseries showcases color-changing varieties with a sneak peek of Sedum ‘Mocha Magic’ and top performer Heuchera ‘Changeling’. The company’s new sedum features blue-grey foliage that turns milk chocolate in summer, complemented with dark chocolate stems and mocha foam flower clusters. The popular heuchera’s foliage delivers a new color each week with shades of peach, cherry, champagne and taupe.

Sedum ‘Mocha Magic’ has a fast and upright growth habit, presenting robust landscape value in mixed beds, borders, mass plantings, edging, and dry gardens. It blooms from August through September and has a variety of special uses, including being deer-resistant and an effective pollinator attractor.

This sedum variety requires full sun, well-drained soil, and low water usage. Terra Nova’s breeding team recommends allowing ‘Mocha Magic’ to dry completely between waterings in the greenhouse. USDA Hardiness Zones for ‘Mocha Magic’ are 4-9.

The versatile perennial’s finish time from a liner to a 4-inch pot is eight to 10 weeks; the finish time from a liner to a 1-gallon pot is 10 to 12 weeks. ‘Mocha Magic’ reaches a height of 26″, width of 30″, and flower height of 32″.

Heuchera ‘Changeling’ grows moderately with a mounding habit and is most active in spring, blooming May through June. It is well-suited for mixed containers and prefers to be grown in full sun with moderately well-drained, organic soil.

Finishing growers should allow this top-performing heuchera to dry moderately between waterings in greenhouses. Finish time from a liner to a 4-inch pot is four to six weeks; finish time from a liner to a 1-gallon pot is eight to 10 weeks. ‘Changeling’ will attain a height of 9″, width of 14″ and flower height of 16″, and its USDA Hardiness Zones are 4-9.

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