Terra Nova Nurseries highlights drink-inspired varieties

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Terra Nova Nurseries highlights drink-inspired varieties with a sneak peek of its new Echinacea DELIGHTFUL™ ‘Sangria’ and the best-of-breeding Heuchera ‘Peach Smoothie’ variety.

Echinacea DELIGHTFUL ‘Sangria’ was bred for the pot crop market and is a dwarf echinacea featuring low-growing, long-lasting and fragrant flowers that bloom June through October. ‘Sangria’ is easy to grow and thrives in full sun and average soil; coarse and slightly mineral soil is best. Finishing growers should allow this variety to dry moderately between waterings for greenhouse growth.

“DELIGHTFUL ‘Sangria’ is a standout in containers and a star in the garden,” says Chuck Pavlich, director of new product development with Terra Nova Nurseries. “Similar to the habit of a garden chrysanthemum, ‘Sangria’ will perform longer and better, even under less-than-ideal weather conditions.”

Heuchera ‘Peach Smoothie’ boasts exceptionally large leaves and is the companion to the popular Heuchera ‘Berry Smoothie’. The variety’s sun-kissed, peach-colored foliage features undertones of cherry, coral, and orange while maintaining a rust-free appearance. ‘Peach Smoothie’ adds a bold pop of color to any landscape or container and performs excellently in full sun or part shade.

Terra Nova’s breeding team recommends allowing ‘Peach Smoothie’ to dry moderately between waterings. The finish time from a liner to a 4-inch pot is four to six weeks. Finish time from liner to a 1-gallon pot is eight to 10 weeks. ‘Peach Smoothie’ grows vigorously in spring, reaching a height of 12″, width of 16″ and flower height of 20″.

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