“Technological development and innovation have been transforming Mexican flower cultivation”

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“Since the last 6-8 years, technological development and innovation have been transforming Mexican flower cultivation. The last 4 years, this process has been further intensified”, says Iker Larreategui Zaldua of Ulma Agrícola, an agricultural solutions company. According to Ulma Agrícola, their systems contributed to this optimization of the Mexican flower cultivation, and currently, large producers are using their systems.

Controlled environment
Larreategui Zaldua states that Mexican flower growers used to rely on rudimental cultivation methods before these technological advancements. Over the years, they found out that technological equipment, like the Alma irrigation system, not only improves the flower quality but also enables a year-round flower supply. “Our irrigation systems offer a controlled environment that protects plants from the elements and that creates optimal conditions for their growth. In addition to prolonging the growing season, the systems allow for better control of light, temperature, and humidity in greenhouses, enhancing the ornamental value. In addition, the systems use sensors that monitor humidity, temperature, and PAR light in real-time to ensure that plants receive adequate sun protection at all times.”

Sustainability goals
Aside from improving crop yield and crop quality, the company also strives to contribute to environmental and agricultural sustainability. “The combination of greenhouses and smart irrigation systems contributes to environmental and agricultural sustainability. The irrigation cycles automatically adjust to the needs of plants, which allows them to reduce waste water while maximizing water efficiency. The reduction of water consumption and the more efficient use of resources contribute to the conservation of local ecosystems and the mitigation of water stress in the region,” he continues.

Nearshoring and investment
Larreategui Zaldua underlines that they have great expectations for the Mexican flower market, saying, “Some large producers already invested in our systems, and we are exploring nearshoring in the US to attract growers from the US, Europe, and Mexico. With these initiatives, Mexico is positioned as a leader in modern agriculture, demonstrating that it is possible to cultivate in an intelligent and sustainable way.”

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