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While nature is slowly emerging from winter sleep, nurseries around Europe are buzzing with the deliveries of their beautiful Spring Perennials to the stores. At the same time, decisions for the next growing season need to be made. To make the decision-making a little easier, here Syngenta highlighted some of their Spring Perennials.

Saxifraga from January until April
Syngenta offers 3 Saxifraga series from cuttings, with each a different flowering period. Alpino Early flowers already in January and February. Alpino is bred for flowering in March after the Alpino Early has been sold, and Touran will extend your selling season until circa week 14.

Lofty is our Saxifraga series from seeds with the flower quality of a cutting-raised series. The flowering window is wider than its cutting counterparts and therefore suitable to harvest for a few weeks in a row.

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Glacier is the newest addition to Syngenta’s best-in-class Aubrieta breeding program and a complement to the best-selling Axcent series. Glacier flowers, on average, are 2-3 weeks later than Axcent and are also slightly more compact, making it an ideal season extender for Aubrieta programs. Glacier is perfect for outdoor production.

While Glacier flowers like the traditional Aubrieta on the market, Axcent already starts to flower by the end of February. The varieties fill the pot quickly but maintain a tight habit. Vernalization is required, but pinching is not needed. This series is suitable for indoor production.

Axcent and Glacier are cutting raised, but Syngenta also offers Audrey, which is their Aubrieta series from seeds. Audrey is the first F1 Aubrieta from seed that provides uniformity in habit and flower color. An excellent option for 9-12 cm pots.

“We have 3 new color editions within our GoldiPhlox series,” they say. “GoldiPhlox is earlier than the traditional varieties, with a nice compact habit and perfect branching. Unlike the more traditional varieties, it is highly uniform between the colors, flower size, plant habit, and earliness. We will introduce 3 new additional colors this year: GoldiPhlox Lavender, GoldiPhlox Pink Imp. and GoldiPhlox Rose Imp. “

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