Sustainable development goals report by Innovaflora

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Nowadays, sustainability has become a fundamental pillar for companies wishing to have a positive impact on the world. More and more organizations are adopting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guide to promote a better and more equitable future.

In this context, the launch of the SDG report by Innovaflora (a leading group in the production of preserved nature, of which Verdissimo is a part) is an opportunity to highlight its achievements and commitment to sustainability. This article explores the key aspects of this presentation and the positive impacts it can have.

Commitment to the SDGs
Innovaflora and its industry-leading brands, Verdissimo and Florever, have integrated the SDGs into their business model and daily operations. This commitment is reflected in its report, which details the initiatives carried out to contribute to each of the 17 goals.

Among its main achievements is the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices on its farms, minimizing the use of chemicals, and promoting soil conservation and biodiversity. In addition, the company has implemented education and training programs for its workers and local communities, promoting gender equality and access to decent work opportunities.

Reducing environmental impact
The report highlights efforts to reduce its environmental impact throughout the supply chain. Measures have been implemented to minimize the carbon footprint, such as the use of renewable energies in the facilities (solar panels) and the optimization of industrial processes.

In addition, efficient water management has been promoted, and a system for recycling and reusing materials in production processes has been implemented.

Biodiversity conservation
Innovaflora recognizes the importance of protecting biodiversity and local flora. This report highlights the implementation of conservation practices on the farms, such as the protection of natural areas and the promotion of native flora. In addition, alliances have been established with environmental organizations for the preservation of ecosystems and the promotion of reforestation.

Social and economic impact
The report also highlights the company’s commitment to the social and economic development of local communities. Through corporate social responsibility programs, it has promoted projects that improve people’s quality of life, such as the strengthening of fair working conditions and the adaptation of workspaces to maximize safety and comfort, in addition to the various initiatives described in the document.

Transparency and accountability
The presentation of the SDG report demonstrates the group’s commitment to transparency and accountability. Innovaflora has established indicators that account for progress in the social, economic, and environmental spheres and that it freely expresses to the public.

Innovaflora, as well as its brands Verdissimo and Florever, in addition to its production centers Guirnaldas in Colombia and Garlands in Ecuador, continue the path to achieve even cleaner and more sustainable production.

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